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Cold Pressed Sesame Oil – 5 Litres


Sesame oil has natural antioxidants which are used to keep our skin smoothly and strong the bones. It has some potential health benefits.


Aditha Sesame Oil

Aditha Cold Pressed Sesame Oil

Sesame or Gingelly oil is important edible oil in cooking. Sesame oil has natural nutrition and its mainly used in variety of dishes. Sesame oil enriched with vitamin E, B complex and minerals such as phosphorus, magnesium, and proteins.

Sesame oil has natural antioxidants which are used to keep our skin smoothly and strong the bones. Sesame oil has 15% of saturated fat and 42% of oleic acid and 43% of omega 6 linoleic acid. It has rich amino acids that used for building up proteins.

Also sesame oil naturally have antioxidants, antibacterial, antiviral properties. It has some potential health benefits. Also sesame oil has some medicine properties. The sesame oil is commonly extracted from two types of sesame seeds that are white sesame seeds and black sesame seeds.

Needs of Organic Sesame Oil

Organic sesame oil has full of nutrition, vitamins, and minerals, because of it extracted by low temperature with wood chamber (Mara Chekku).

When the oils are extracted by using stoned chamber, due to overheat the vitamins and minerals of the oils are loosed.

Shri Sakthi Oil producing organic sesame oil which are extracted with low temperature by using wood chamber (Vaagai Chekku).

All the vitamins are don’t loosed. So the full benefits of the sesame oil are given to the peoples directly.

This sesame oils are unrefined. So all the vitamins and minerals are preserved and its included inside the oils.

The special ingredients called Palm Jaggery (Panai Karuppati) are added to the sesame seeds when the oils are extracted by using the wood chamber.

Making of Wood Pressed Sesame Oil

The non cleaned sesame seeds are cleaned in pure water then its dried into solar heat to get yield of an oil.

After the dried sesame seeds have mixing of small stones. These small stones are removed by using destoner machine.

Then the destoned sesame seeds are placed into wood chamber called “Ghani” (Mara Chekku).

During the wood chamber is rotated the special ingredients called Palm Jaggery is added for oil used for long time.

Then the non filtered sesame oil is produced by the wood chamber. The non filtered sesame oil is filtered by filter machine to remove wastage’s in unfiltered oils.

The filtered oil is tested by the lab for nutrition rate quality of the oil and also for cholesterol rate in the oils.

Finally the filtered sesame oil is packed and ready to deliver for the customers with brand name.

Features of Cold pressed Sesame Oil

Skin and Hair Health: Gingelly oil has feature for improve the darkness of hair. It has rich of zinc that used for strong the health.

Bone Growth: Sesame oil has calcium mineral that used for improve the strength of the bones.

Moisturiser: Sesame oil acts as moisturiser that used for smooth skins and it keeps our skin hydrated.

Anti Bacterial: Sesame oil has anti bacterial effects that used for diseases prevention. Also it has anti viral feature.

DNA Protection: Sesame oil used for protects our DNA cells from various radiation effects.

Natural Benefits: Good for sunshine skin and fresh energy, antioxidants for strong the human body and increase the white blood cells.

Weight 4.99 kg
Dimensions 35 × 18 × 16 cm


Model Name

Organic Cold Pressed & Unrefined Oil


Sesame Oil


5 Litres

Used For

Massage, Dish/Snacks Preparation, Cooking, Oil Bath

Processing Type

Cold Pressured

Maximum Shelf Life

6 Months

Food Preference


Container Type

Plastic Bottle

Added Preservatives



Sesame Seeds, Palm Jaggery

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