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Cold Pressed Coconut Oil – 5 Litres


The nutrition of coconut oil are decided by its extraction method like cold pressed. It essential protein for improving natural hair.

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Aditha Coconut Oil

Aditha – Wood Pressed Coconut Oil

Coconut oil plays major role in our day today human life. It normally used for Skin Care, Hair Care, Cooking, Improves Immunity Power against infections and diseases etc. The Health Benefits, Nutrition’s of coconut oil are decided by its extraction method like cold or heat pressed.

In general method the nutrition’s are loosed due to overheat and over depression. But in Organic or Cold Pressed method the all nutrition’s are preserved with low heat or temperature, low depression, etc.  The coconut oil has Lauric  with 40% and Caprylic , Capric .

From coconut we get oils, milk, powder, cattle feed products. We need to know knowledge for whether the coconut oil is pure or not. That’s way we get full benefits of coconut oil.

Why Organic Coconut Oil ?

When oils are heated then its molecular structure is changed. Due to this reason the nutrition’s of the oils are loosed.

Cold pressed method follows Low Heat or Low Temperature, Adding natural ingredients direct from farmers to preserve oil from wastage.

The “Vaagai” wood chamber is used to extract cold pressed coconut oil. So the extracted oils have good natural attributes, smell, etc.

The organic coconut oils are unrefined. So all the nutrition’s are preserved. But today’s the coconut oil packets are refined oils, so that all nutrition’s are loosed.

An extra virgin dried coconut is used for oil extraction which has high nutrition’s rather than non virgin coconut.

After coconut oil extracted the oil filtration process is run to clean some wastage’s in coconut oil.

Extraction of Organic Coconut Oil

There are some traditional cold pressed methods are followed in coconut oil extraction process.

First the extra virgin coconut is cleaned in fresh water to remove unwanted dust pieces.

Then the extra virgin coconut meat is dried in solar heat for 3 days. That for no losing of vitamins, nutrition’s and major reason for yield of oil.

After coconut meat is dried in solar heat then it placed into wood extractor (Mara Chekku). The wood chamber is ready to extract coconut meat now.

The wood presser presses the coconut meat to extract coconut oil.

After extraction the unfiltered coconut oil is ready to filtration process for remove wastage’s using filter machines.

Once the filtration process is completed then the filtered oils are placed in tank that is sun heated to need to settle for 3 days.

Finally the pure organic coconut oils are packed with oil filling machines then ready to deliver for the customers.

Benefits of Organic Coconut Oil

Hair Care:  Coconut Oil is an essential protein for improving natural hair. The proteins included in coconut oil are used for improving damaged hair.

Skin Care:  Coconut Oil is the best moisturiser and ointment for skin related problems and good solution for burned accidents.

Heart Health: Low cholesterol is in coconut oil and it mainly used for cardio vascular systems in inside of our human heart system.

Anti Immune System:  Coconut oil acts as an anti immune system that used for preserve from diseases. It has Antibacterial, Antiviral, Antimicrobial properties.

Body Health:  Coconut oil contains Calcium, Magnesium minerals that are good for human body improvement.

Weight 4.99 kg
Dimensions 35 × 18 × 16 cm


Model Name

Organic Cold Pressed & Unrefined Oil


Coconut Oil


5 Litres

Used For

Skin Care, Hair Care and Cooking

Processing Type

Cold Pressured

Maximum Shelf Life

6 Months

Food Preference


Container Type

Plastic Bottle

Added Preservatives



Coconut Copra

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