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Aditha Coconut OilAditha Coconut Oil
Aditha Groundnut OilAditha Groundnut Oil
Aditha Sesame OilAditha Sesame Oil
Aditha Castor OilAditha Castor Oil

Why Aditha Organic Cold Pressed Oils?

When oils are heated then its molecular structure is changed. Due to this reason the nutrition’s of the oils are loosed.We follows Cold pressed method that means low heat and pressure, Adding natural oil seeds direct from farmers to preserve coconut oil, groundnut oil, sesame oil from adulteration.

The “Vaagai” wood chamber is used to extract aditha wood pressed oil. So the extracted marachekku ennai or chekku oil have good natural attributes, smell, etc.The cold pressed oil is unrefined. So all the nutrition’s are preserved. But today’s the oil packets are refined oils, so that all nutrition’s are loosed.

That mixed edible oil have low density and highly refined. So that mixed oil have pure colour with low density without taste of oil seeds. A good or quality marachekku ennai have good and real taste of its oil seeds naturally.

I purchase Aditha sesame oil 500 ml recently. When i use this oil in cooking my foods have good taste compare than cooking with other oils. Also it has fresh aroma of sesame seeds and high density.
Maheswari Nagaraj
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